Surprise Box

Surprise Box

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Like surprises? 

Want the best bang for your buck? 

We've got you covered.


Our Surprise Box is packed full of all kinds of awesome!

Here's how it works:

  • You purchase a small or large Surprise Box
  • We send you a carefully curated collection of our favorite products
  • You get an unbeatable bargain, a fun surprise and cool new stuff!


Each Surprise Box contains an assortment of jewelry, accessories and/or home decor items. If you wish, you can leave a comment at checkout letting us know your ring size, preferred decor style or any other relevant information. 


Small Surprise Box ($29.99)

  • Contains at least 3 items
  • Minimum value of $49.99 - you save at least $20!
  • Automatic FREE shipping


Large Surprise Box ($49.99)

  • Contains at least 5 items
  • Minimum value of $99.99 - you save at least $50!
  • Automatic FREE shipping


A Surprise Box makes a wonderful gift - you can even split the contents up to give gifts to multiple recipients. But you probably won't. Our prediction?  You'll probably love your Surprise Box so much that you'll want to keep everything in it for yourself. Don't worry, we won't tell! 


*Though we welcome information that can assist us with assembling your Surprise Box, we are unable to fulfill requests to include specific products. If you wish to purchase a specific product from our store, we encourage you to buy it directly.  But if you want a box full of super cool surprise gifts? Then by all means, order now!